Chrysalis Module Three Essay on Mr X

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Introduction The contents of this essay are threefold. Firstly I need to take a look at a case study for Mr X then identify and explain his issues, secondly devise a course of treatment for him, and finally take into account any ethical issues. After an initial read through of the client’s case study it is possible that there may be a depression issue. If this is my conclusion I need to ask if I am the correct person for him to see at this moment in time. “All practitioners undertake to remain aware of their own limitations and wherever appropriate, be prepared to refer a client to another practitioner or medical advisor who might be expected to offer suitable treatment,”(as stated in The National Hypnotherapy Society Code of Ethics under Client Welfare.) It may be self-esteem or confidence, in which case do I address individually or both together, and if I do go with the diagnosis that it is both, how do I break the sessions down over a course of weeks to ensure Mr X receives the best results for him? Mr X would like to apply for the position of manager within the branch where he works as an estate agent. He says that he does not wish to “upset the apple cart”. This strikes me as a fear of change. He feels he is viewed as an estate agent, and although he has aspirations of a managerial position, he believes that others may not feel the same. He knows he is more than capable of doing the job as he has stood in for the current manager when he has been on leave. I think he feels that he coped then because he always knew the current manager would be returning to correct any potential mistakes? I also think he believes that the other office staff were happy for him to cover, purely because it was a short term thing, and potentially they couldn’t be bothered with the additional workload. The fact that he did the job well seems irrelevant to Mr X. He has

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