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Case Study Mr X

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  • on May 3, 2011
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Teresa Claridge

Essay Title - “Using the case study at the end of the module identify and explain the client’s issues and devise a course of treatment for him, taking into account any ethical issues”.

Word count 1875

introduction - Mr X case study
Mr X is 45 and has worked for the same company for 18 years. He is not married but has a girlfriend. His mother is in a home and he visits her regularly, due to this he is unable to socialize with his colleagues. He would like to go for a management job at work but feels like something is stopping him and he would also like to go out with his colleagues but feels that if he changed the day he sees his mother she would not understand.   He would like to ask his girlfriend to marry him but is worried that she will say no and that he does not have much to offer her at present. He worries about what people think of him, even though he is a nice person who thinks about the feelings of others.    

The Initial Consultation
During the first meeting with Mr X, I would be aiming to collect as much information about him as possible. I would ask about his health and any current medication. I would also explain to him what hypnosis is, how it works and address any fears that he might have, and I would explain that hypnosis is a natural state of awareness and he will not do anything that he wouldn’t normally do and that he will still be in control. Mr X can also ask me any questions at this stage.
I would carry out a free consultation prior to making an appointment for treatment for Mr X to check if I was able to help, and check for any medical or ethical reasons why I may not be able to work with him. I would ask Mr X if he had ever suffered from depression as I would need to get his permission to contact his G.P.   After the free consultation it also gives Mr X the time to decide if he would feel able to work with me and would give me the chance to check with a supervisor if I was unsure about anything, and get a...

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