Yit1 Nursing Regulations

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YIT1: Task 1 Personal Mission Statement Regulatory Agencies and Professional Nursing Organizations The functional differences between a regulatory agency and a professional nursing organization can be explained as follows. A regulatory agency establishes guidelines and rules related to the care of patients. According to Cherry & Jacob, there is an “emphasis revolves around performance measures of patient outcomes and results of practice patterns.” Giving “quality principles into health care regulatory standards and requirements”. (2011)(p. 450). This means that the agencies identify needs and improvement areas pertaining to the care of the patient to ensure standards throughout all hospitals and health care facilities. The professional nursing organizations (PNO), such as the American Nurses Association have the care of the nurses and patients for the agenda and according to Cherry & Jacob these “organizations monitor public policy and offer avenues for their members to learn about health policy, they serve as an invaluable resources for reliable information related to policy issues and policymakers.” (2011)(p. 489). These professional organizations support the efforts of the nurses in all states and reflect guidelines for all nurses to adhere to provide the best possible care for the patients. As an example, the ANA notifies members of upcoming legislation that will impact the nurses at hospitals, nursing homes and clinics. Through this interaction the nurses are better informed as to what is happening in the political arena, such as patient ratios and shift lengths, this may impact the ability to care for patients or allow the care to improve. Through this support individual nurses have the ability to be better informed and contact both state and US legislators. Nursing Code of Ethics All of the provisions from the ANA are

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