Nursing Roles and Values, Nvt2

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Nursing Roles and Values Elaine Carrillo RN Western Governor's University Nursing Roles and Values-Task 1 NVT2 December 30, 2012 Nursing Roles and Values State Regulations and Nursing Standards We as nurses respect the rights of all human beings. We see each patient as a distinct human that requires our knowledge, skills and commitment to their well being while in our care. We must consider our patient needs first, as we are the front line of patient advocacy. We must speak for our patient when our patient cannot. Using our skills and knowledge we first must understand the issues to understand the needs of each patient. The California Nurse Practice Act states: “the legislature recognizes that nursing is a dynamic field, the practice of which is continually evolving to include more sophisticated patient care activities.(California Board of Registered Nursing website, n.d., para. 2725.a) Section 2725.1.b states “The practice of nursing within the meaning of this chapter means those functions, including basic healthcare, that help people cope with difficulties in daily living that are associated with their actual potential health or illness problems or the treatment thereof, and that require a substantial amount of scientific knowledge or technical skills including all of the following: Direct and indirect patient care services that ensure the safety, comfort, personal hygiene, and protection of patients and the performance of disease prevention and restorative measure.”(California Board of Registered Nursing website, n.d., para. 2725.1.b) As Registered Nurse we are required and mandated to ensure that our patients are safe and protected while in our care. The International Council of Nursing defines nursing this way: “Nursing encompasses autonomous and collaborative care of individuals of all ages, family groups, and communities, sick or well

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