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The current system governing healthcare administration in this country is undergoing a transformation, with the aim of providing higher quality affordable care to more people. This mission is a direct results of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, otherwise known as the PPACA. At times the current healthcare system can be fragmented, where at times no single party is ultimately responsible for the outcome of the patient. By creating incentives in the PPACA for an integrated care models for the delivery of care and the disbursement of funds the PPACA aims to for effectively manage the resources in a healthcare environment based on the quality of care rather than the quantity of care. Nurses must be aware of this new methodology in order to make efficient use of the resources…show more content…
Medical homes create a continuum of care by providing coordinated care to patients through a vast array of healthcare organizations and providers. The continuum of care system ensures that patients never experience a lull in quality care. They experience quality service through all states of their care plan (Evashwick, 1989). It’s imperative that health care teamd collaborate to not only create but implement healthcare plans that not only treats various ailments but also includes preventative and health promotion elements as well. The PPACA places a substantion value on nursing because nurses are often the healthcare professionals that have the most contact with patients. nurses will be instrumental in providing “patient evaluation and education, assuring continuity and coordination of care across settings and providers, and communicating effectively within the health care team and the patient and patient’s family and representatives” (ANA, 2010,

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