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Policy Process Paper Stacey Emmett HCS/455 May 27, 2015 James Mckenzie Women Health All over the world policies are developing in every aspect of health care, particularly in women health to ensure the best health services. Policy protect and provide guidelines in the health care system that requires all stakeholders to having an overall concept of what is expected, concerning the health issue at hand. In order for the healthcare system to be on one accord all stakeholders must have an complete understanding of the policy making process involving women healthcare. To establish an effective policy the process should began with formulation, legislating and implementing which will complete the policy process. These stages…show more content…
There are abortion, reproductive, cancer of the cervix, complication of pregnancy, heart disease that intrigue developing women policies. In the case of women health the federal government plays a role in improving the health of women through out nation. There are effective programs that assist women statewide. In the past little attention has been given to women health issues, which has negatively impacted women health. Women access healthcare services more than men do to reproduction, which causes policy to stem from. Other major concerns that effect women health and the issuing of the policy for insured and uninsured women are basic health care, and maternity services. Most of all chronic condition associated with women impact the federal government and formulation of health care parties. The federal government has now become responsible in correcting and providing The Patient exceptional healthcare needs for women. The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act has changed how women are been treated when it comes to utilizing health care services. Health care reform goal is to deliver quality services to help maintain and prevent women diseases. Policies produce successful outcomes while accomplishing effective change within the health care system for…show more content…
All stakeholders responsible for the women health policy would evaluate the process to determined if the policy on women health objective are met. Evaluation consist of examining the final results of the policy, which includes measurements; sometimes the evaluation preventive plan is is included when the policy is first developed. Policy makers do this by identifying the goals and objective, which will be the deliverance of excellent quality healthcare services to all women concerning aspect of the women body and needs. Goals and objective are determined by the women needs, the organization objective, public opinion, and available resources, and many other contributing factors that involves evaluating. Needs assessment can be gathered by looking at current women problems, collecting data of demographics and the number of the population the issue affects. Evaluation process is a resourceful tool which helps the government on all level outline elements of the policy that can potential need change or be

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