X-Box 360 vs Ps3

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Even though the Sony Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360 have many similarities, 2010 will prove which console is most wanted by gamers. It’s no secret that this feud, between these two systems has been going on for years. After this essay, the decision will be unanimous. Starting off is the Sony Playstation 3 and looking at the features and online components. There are two different types of Playstation 3 or better known as a PS3 out on the market today. PS3 offers different memory capacity and different components. There is the 250GB system priced at $350 and the more affordable system which is a 120GB and costs $300. The 250GB console obviously has more memory, but is also thinner than its bulkier looking counterpart. Both systems are not backwards compatible and both sport HDMI outputs and USB slots. Also, allowing internet connectivity through Wi-Fi or through an Ethernet port. It can display up to 1080p resolution and has a digital optical output for better sound. Considering the T.V. it’s plugged into can go that high. Also, the PS3 sports an integrated web browser and a Blu-Ray player right out the box. Playing online by signing up with a free membership helps to fully appreciate online play with friends. It also has a Playstation Store to purchase downloadable content. Examples: would be full games, game add-ons, movies, T.V. shows and also wallpapers and themes to customize the dashboard. A downloadable game called Playstation Home allows an avatar that is created to interact with other Playstation network users, by visiting different destinations like a movie theater and a dance club. Now, the PS3 has announced its newest accessory: Playstation Move. It is a controller with motion capability much like the Nintendo Wii’s controller, but has the shape of a wand with a ball that lights up on top. It has the normal Playstation buttons on the side and it is

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