Xbox 360 vs. Nintendo Wii

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Video gaming systems entertain people of all ages. To compensate for the broad variations in interest level, maturity, skill, and finances, there are many different systems to choose from. These systems differentiate quite a bit so it is important, before buying, that you understand each system’s capabilities and determine which will best support your playing style and needs. The two most popular gaming consoles sold today are Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii. Although similar in appearance, it may surprise you to learn just how different these two consoles really are. The Xbox 360 has two different packages available. The “core” package consists of the console, one wireless controller, and one game. The price tag on this basic package is around $400. The second bundle, which costs a whopping $600, includes a console with roughly double the internal memory as the core. Also included in the “deluxe” bundles are three games, two wireless controllers, and several different colored faceplates that add to the appearance of the system. Although the 360 is very expensive, it does have its advantages. The game play is especially precise and accurate. The Xbox features 2.4 GHz wireless controllers that allow for a play range of up to 30 feet. This is an admirable characteristic for people who enjoy multi-player action since four people can play at the same time without any tangling of cords. These controllers have standard control buttons along with multiple analog controls which make the game play on the 360 suitable for the most serious gamers. The graphics are also very impressive. The Xbox can be played in both standard and high definition. A special component HD cable is needed to play in high definition but if you’re willing to spend a few extra bucks, it makes for amazing visual effects. The games for the 360 are very good but

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