Nook 8g Tablet vs Kindle Fire Essay

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While planning for the Robertson’s first family vacation, we were in need of travel entertainment for the long road trip. I had to think of something that would not take up too much space and was easily portable. I did hours of research for a small simple portable device that had multiple functions. It came to me after some time to consider hand held tablets. I had been considering getting an eReader and my children wanted handheld gaming systems. This made a tablet a good compromise. Now I had to decide would get a Barnes and Noble Nook 8g tablet or an Amazon Kindle Fire. In the technology world of small tablets today, the Nook 8g Tablet out shines the Amazon Kindle Fire on many fronts, from the operating system, to memory, physical design, and over all reading experience. The Barnes and Noble Nook 8g Tablet’s dimensions are; 8.1”x5.0”x.48” and weighs 14.1 oz. The Amazon Kindle Fire’s dimensions are; 7.5”x4.7”x.45” and weighs 14.6 oz. They both have a 7” touch screen 1ghz duel core processor and 512 mb RAM. So for size and weight they are matched equally. When it comes to memory, loading side content, to use when you are not in a WiFi area, the Barnes and Noble Nook 8g tablet out shines the Amazon Kindle Fire. Both eReaders are 8g memory, with only 5g available for the user to download books, magazines, and apps from their prospective stores, as well as your side loaded music and movies. The Barnes and Noble Nook 8g tablet wins out because it has a microSD slot where you can load up to a 32g card with all the movies, books, apps, and music you can fit. For traveling this is awesome, since you do not always have WiFi access, but you can still watch movies on the go. Both devices have apps where you can rent movies and shows but this is only effective when you have Internet access. The Nook Tablet’s IPS display proves superior to the Kindle Fire, when

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