Innovation At Microsoft

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Importance of Innovation Microsoft is a name recognized throughout the world for its contributions to technology. Most well known for being the creator of the Windows operation system, Microsoft has been a huge contributor not only in computers, but in numerous areas of the world of technology. But even with all of its successes, a greater focus on innovation could greatly benefit Microsoft’s future. To many it may be hard to believe that Microsoft may be lacking in innovation. Aside from their hugely popular Windows operating system, Microsoft offers products ranging from computer keyboards and mice, to video games and video game consoles. Microsoft even expresses a vision in which innovation is a main part. “Product innovation is at the heart of Microsoft’s work.” ( But while Microsoft may be innovative in some areas, they appear to be lacking it in many other areas. Most people are probably familiar with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 gaming console. Aside from its numerous technical problems it has garnered great success in the video game industry. But even with this success, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was lacking in innovation. Not long after the release of the Xbox 360, Sony released their PlayStation 3. Compared to the Xbox 360 the PlayStation 3 was a video game console full of innovation. And although expensive at the time, Sony offered a game console with a front loading blu-ray disk drive, wireless internet connectivity, an HDMI input, motion control built into their standard controller, and a hard drive. The Xbox 360 housed a standard DVD tray, no wireless internet connectivity, a component input, wired or wireless controller and no standard hard drive. Aside from HD gaming, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was lacking innovation. Apple is a company known for its innovative offerings in technology. One of its most well known and popular product is the iPod. The iPod

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