Worlwide Epidemic Research Paper

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An Unnoticed, Worlwide Epidemic When people think about health what usually comes to mind is cancer, or some kind of illness that hinders the well-being of a person. However, not many people really consider one of the biggest health issues overcoming the United States. It’s called obesity. Obesity is commonly interpreted as being very fat and not so much as a disease people suffer from. It is not simply a health factor, it is the fifth leading cause of death worldwide which constitutes for 2.8 million people per year (Wartik). In 2010, 212.7 million American adults were considered to be overweight or obese, which constitutes for 68.8 percent or two-thirds of the United States’ population (Wartik). Obesity rates have been steadily increasing…show more content…
This principle focuses on the older population, the adults, that suffer the most from obesity. Government is able to place regulations on the citizen’s working environment. To be a healthy human being, eating nutritiously is not the only key component. Exercising and burning excess calories is crucial. To encourage exercise in the working environment, bosses or managers would give government-paid grants to employees that lowered their BMI over a six-month period. The amount of the money presented to the recipient would be classified into groups depending on how much a person lost based off of their BMI. A person who lost between .05 and zero would receive a bonus worth one-hundred dollars. A person who lost between .05 and 1.5 would receive a bonus worth two-hundred dollars. A person who lost anything above 1.5 of would receive five-hundred dollars. These grants are very small amounts of money, but over time they could add up to a large amount. This plan provides a strong incentive for people to…show more content…
However, confronting obesity and lowering the rates now will be a more costly effective movement for the future. Nowadays obesity in the United States carries the hefty price tag of 147 billion dollars per year in direct medical costs, just over ten percent of all medical spending, experts report (Jamporis). The financial and health costs of obesity have only been rising over recent years, and there is no way they will begin decreasing if there is not any plan put into effect. The health risks are obviously a huge concern for the public health field, but the financial costs are even more concerning for the economy. With the United States in such a deep debt, costs derived from obesity are unnecessary and should not have to be dealt with. If not addressed now, obesity will have to be addressed in the future because of the pressing financial and health risks it yields. Without any control, the United States will experience an obesity crisis. Will you allow your country to be overcome by a preventable epidemic or will you take a stance against

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