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From First Words To Reality Television, Roughly Two Decades of Multiple Intelligences As Neil Postman points out, we are constantly surrounded by literature. Whether it is film, text, radio or any other form. The consumption of literature on a daily basis could probably fill over ninety percent of a person’s day. That of course is a completely made up statistic but I for one constantly have a book in my hand, music playing, or am in a place where movies or television are being watched. This is paralleled with Postman’s stance on having multiple intelligences through different forms of taking in literature. From childhood until I have viewed, listened to, and read many works of literature. As my life began it was The Teenage Mutant Ninja…show more content…
I have not set down to read much this year but some key pieces that have and are impacting my life are Redeeming Love, a story in which a young girl, given away by her mother at a young age and forced into a brothel is rescued by a Christian man who shows her what love really is. This novel really spoke to me, and being a woman allowed me to relate to being more than a piece of meat or an object, as some still believe. A newer memoir called The Glass Castle is also revealing itself to me as a literary gem that I will hold dear. It opens up with a young successful girl in New York on her way to a meeting. She gets stopped at a red light and happens to look over and see her mother digging through a dumpster. It alludes to a story of courage and success through a challenging childhood. Being a first generation student, I do find it hard to relate to my parents who have not been through all I am and will not experience the success that is building itself in my favor, simply by gaining higher education. I feel that college has gone a step above and beyond where I already am as a literary producer and consumer and that my abilities as a student will be challenged and forced to

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