Real Women Have Curves

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“Real Women Have Curves” is a movie about how a young Mexican-American teen struggling with self-confidence is able to mature and overcome the discouragement by her mother and get an education. Anna, a recent graduate at Beverly Hills High School, struggles with the stereotype of Mexican teenagers not getting a college education. Traveling from her home in East Los Angeles to Beverly Hills High School every morning, Anna, with the help of her teacher, has the confidence of getting a college education instilled in her. As Anna continues to find hope in receiving a college education, the stereotype of Mexican-American families plays a role in the back of her head. Anna’s mother telling her she is overweight, their lack of money, and the desperate need of help at their families factory brings Anna back to what she thinks is the reality of a Mexican-American teenager living in the lower class of society. As the stereotypical image of Anna and the messages she is getting from her mother continue to occur, the messages she receives from her boyfriend and teacher help her realize the future she could have. While Anna’s mother tells her constantly that she is too fat, "How do you expect to find a husband and have children with all that weight on you?” Anna is able to stabilize her confidence by the comments of her boyfriend. “You have a really beautiful face”, he says. Also, as her parents barley consider the idea of Anna getting into college, her teacher tells them that “Anna is a smart girl, she has a lot that she can contribute to this world.” As these messages help Anna find her identity, she begins to notice that her chances of going to Columbia University are within arms reach. The stereotype of Anna being a typical Mexican-American teen brings an uncomfortable feeling into her body image and for this she feels the need to change the footsteps in
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