Women Revolution Research Paper

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Women and Revolution The American Revolution brought changes to women in a lot of ways. Not only were they having to tend to what their husband's and sons left behind such as farming, but they also had to look after the remaining children if their were any and themselves. This is what helped women become so independent and not so dependant as the text said that men thought they were. As for the great need for women to be educated was the coming of industrialization. And with it, economy. This needed people in general to be able to read and write. Along with the economy, printing was a replacement for oral communication. This required the skill of reading. But when it came to women, they believed that being able to teach others was more of a civic duty then anything else. (Dubois & Dumenil, 2005) There were a few limits that were imposed on female education. One of which was that only the wealthy women were allowed formal education. This left women of poor status at a sort of crossroads because they weren’t able to…show more content…
It seems that after the war, Native Americans were taught how to act as whites, because the missionaries (particularly Christian ones) sought to civilize these people. Teaching them proper behavior of both women and men and to urge them to take on the husband/wife relationship as they hadn't before. But a big note within the text was that this change was not immediate at all. African Americans however, seemed to have a little bit more pull after they were freed from slavery. The women helped built up institutions that also included churches. Class impacted education as the poor women may not have been able to afford an education (or their family couldn’t.) which, I mentioned earlier. Class was a big deal, and separated the wealthy from the poor. But if a poor woman was actually able to receive a proper education her changes of marrying were good. (Dubois & Dumenil,
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