Will Foster Home Case Study

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Updates from latest discussion:- Q2) To include the following factors: Analytical write-up of developmental stages of Will (Pls refer to Book 1, pg 59 to 62) Childhood Instability in the home Will moved from one foster home to another: emotionally & mentally distressing Psychological abuse Psychological mistreatment suffered from Will Eg. Punished unrealistically through overtly negative reinforcements eg. excessive criticisms, threatened periodically with abandonment (presumption - as Will had been subjected with physical abuse at 3 foster homes, he could have been threatened with abandonment due to his misbehaviours) Negative reinforcements contributed to Will’s low & inferior self-esteem Unmet Needs…show more content…
Referring to Maslow Hierachy of Needs Physiological Needs met - provided at foster homes: food, water, shelter Safety Needs not really met at foster homes: Long term survival & Stability Love & Belonging Needs not really met at foster homes: Affiliation &…show more content…
(Freud) Aggressive & violent behaviours? (Observational learning: Abusers - foster parents) From the painful & traumatic childhood Will had, perhaps that was his way of:- getting a sense of power (from the powerless situation he was in with the abuses he had) getting attention( from the neglect & lack of attention he had with foster parents?) indirect, non-verbal “call-out” that he had been tremendously hurt & abused low self efficacy? (Albert Bandura) Q3) To include the following factors: Counselling session with the psychologist & hypnotist To elaborate: Failure of the counselling sessions was not only attributed from the therapists but also from Will who had consciously & deliberately put up resistance, barrier & shield from them getting deeper into his

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