Why You Should Get Youth Involved in Sports

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Why you should try to get todays youth in sports Hi I’m marty McNally I’m here to persuade you of the importance of getting kids to play organized sports. If you get your kids to start out playing sports when they are of age they will learn important life skills such as leadership roles how to work as a team and how to lose, they will become more effective in school and in social situations and they will strengthen there muscle and bones and continue to do so as they grow. Not only will they have these set of skills it is something they will enjoy if they continue with the team as they grow It seems like today’s youth is more interested in playing video games rather than going outside to play sports with there friends or with a team. Sports provide the body with a complete exercise and at the same time its entertainment. Those who play sports will have a more positive self-esteem over those who don’t. Playing sports often involves physical activities like running, jumping, stretching and using muscles you other wise couldn’t use just sitting around. It’s a more constructive way to release their energy instead of going out and looking for something too do . Playing sports also keeps them of the streets or from being in situations they don’t need to be in. Football, basketball, ice hockey, baseball, and soccer the list could go on on the sports they could play. The kids will enjoy the sport they are playing and at the same time they get their exercise. According to get fit.com-playing sports at a early age strengthens the bones and muscles and tones one body. According to sports illustrated.com Sydney Crosby is one of the best examples. He started playing ice hockey at the age of 5 stuck with it and as he grew and matured on the ice he became the youngest player to be a professional captain of any team sport and he won Canada a gold medal in the past winter

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