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PE 250 (Online) October 26, 2011 Youth Sports Today, youth sports play a big role in American Society and to most it has become a part of their everyday life. There are many advantages and disadvantages with being involved and or playing youth sports. Some people will side with the fact that sports build confidence, responsibility and a healthy life style, others will argue that youth sports build tension and aggression. Are we teaching the youth confidence, accountability and a healthy way of life, or are we exposing them to a life style of tension and aggression? What is the truth about youth sports? In this essay I will cover the different opinions and facts of youth sports. As a youth coach, I have gained an increased interest to learn the effects and benefits our youth are implementing at such a young age. As children we played sports for many different reasons. Some of those reasons were because sports are fun and competitive, because our friends played or because of the status that we gained from playing these sports. Most of us did not realize the intangibles that we would gain from playing sports and these traits would build self esteem. Things such as confidence, responsibility, and sociability are intangibles that cannot be taught but can be instilled by playing and experiencing sports at a young age. When children begin playing sports with 2 their peers they are put into situations where they begin to compete against one another, they begin to socialize, build cohesion and become a team. When a child learns to become a team player they build confidence in his/her ability execute their part.

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