Why unions are needed in america today

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Imagine being an employee where you have no security in keeping your job, where your employers would not care whether or not you were there working for them. Also, what would happen if you got injured on your job site and your income disappears because you couldn’t work? You would not have a way to pay your bills or get your daily needs just because of an accident that you could not have control over. You shouldn’t have to worry constantly about losing your position at work. This is why we have groups of people able of bargaining with employers to make the work industry fair for everyone. A union is an association of workers established to improve economic and social conditions in a company. Their main job is to bargain with employers for better wages and better working conditions. They are also involved in lobbying and have a right to support favorable candidates in politics. Unions lobby to improve hours, wages, and working conditions in a certain company. Most can help to provide insurance, employment services, and other certain benefits. They also continue to give workers a voice in corporations and make the employees feel as if they have a sense of power in making the decisions. The eight hour day, the weekends, and the Social Security is just some of the few victories labor unions have had to work for to receive for all Americans. They have the ability to influence companies very well. They were a strong supporter in the civil rights movement and in the past, they pushed to end segregation and other problems in the work place. They greatly oppose sex discrimination and manage to keep equal pay for women. Unions continue to play a vital role in the lives of many workers. Without unions, there would be a tremendous amount of people unemployed in America. Also, employees would not be receiving the pay they deserved and many would be forced to live on the

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