The Pros And Cons Of Minimum Wage

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I am for Minimum Wage Minimum wage is definitely a controversial topic. People may be asked every day the following question: Are you for or against minimum wage? I can guarantee that fifty percent of the people will respond that they are for it and the other fifty percent will respond that they are against it. As I was looking for some ideas I found some valuable information about a study or survey made on the topic “According to a paper by Fuller and Geide-Stevenson, 45.6% of American economists in the year 2000 agreed that a minimum wage increases unemployment among unskilled and young workers, while 27.9% agree with this statement but with provisos.” However, I am not fully convinced of this fact or idea that minimum wage increases…show more content…
If I think for a second how much an employer will like will to get out of an employee, it will turn automatically on exploitation or abuse against the employee. Obviously, the employer would like to get more from the laborer for less cost. In other words if a job requires an employee to work forty hours to accomplish the job and the employer have to pay a minimum wage, then the employer will like and expect the job to be completed in that deadline. However, if the same situation occurs when there is no minimum wage set the employer will not only expect this job to be done, but may want an additional twenty overtime hours to complete another person’s job by the same employee at no extra cost; because, it will be at solely employer’s discretion how much to compensate this employee for the job completed. It is frustrating to see how much of a trade off the circle of life is having to sacrifice people’s income in order to get a greater result on a business. Finally, as a result of a so controversial topic I supported, support, and will support the minimum wage. The bad economy that we face today in the country is so depressing that it is not even guarantee if there will be more employment with or without minimum wage. Every day the unemployment increases, inflation increases, poverty increases, crime increases, etc. Moreover, with a minimum wage there is a big portion of the population of the country unemployed, now I think what it will be if there is not a set minimum wage. Probably the unemployment number will be a lot
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