Unions: Collective Bargaining In The United States

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<BR> Imagine a life where as an employee you have no security in a job, if your employer believes he or she can be more profitable without you then without you is how they continue. Or if you are injured your income disappears also. This is how many workers lived their life in America at one time with continuously cut wages. Desperately trying to hold onto their position because no one else will care if they are replaced. While workers fought for fair treatment and job security, the employers wanted the freedom to become more efficient and profitable. But when one threatens they others goal naturally the other will resist. In a dictatorship this would be handled favoring one party or the other (normally the employers) every time, but in a democracy there was a need for unions to do collective bargaining and at times when demands are not met , strike. <br>…show more content…
The union’s basic job is to bargain with employers to determine the best wages and working conditions for its members. Most unions can provide employment services, insurance, and certain benefits also. In the United States there are no formal ties between the government and unions as there are in other countries. They may however, be involved in the political activities such as lobbying for legislation and supporting specific favorable candidates. There are two different types of unions. The first of which are Craft Unions these included specific work such as electricians and carpenters. The second is Industrial Unions, they include any and all jobs within a given industry such as automobile or steel industry. There are also separate Union systems for government employees or professional occupations, such as nurses and

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