Why Teachers Are Needed (Argumentative)

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Why Teachers are needed!!! Education these days is ridiculous! On the news you hear schools begging for money, cutting teachers, or some that are cutting even more teachers. We all know that the economy is bad, but I don’t think the way to save money is to cut the teachers that students need to get a decent education. Many people say to combine classes to cut teachers, but then your leading to overcrowded classes, and the students won’t have the one on one that some need to have an education that is successful. Education in America is needed for the future. This generation of students is the next generation for leading the country. Begging the government repeatedly for money isn’t the answer to help the education system problem. The government has its own problem to deal with, and that is to get this country out of debt. The schools need to hold off on building new buildings, repaving over a perfectly good parking lot, or building a quarter of a million dollar football stadium with turf a field. These things aren’t what schools need to spend money on. The districts need to worry about the student first, taking care to see they learn to read and write, and stop worrying so much about making the school on the outside look better. Maybe we should worry more about what is going on within the building first. Students would love to sit in a desk that isn’t written all over or even just have a textbook of their own to look at instead of sharing one with a neighbor. Many school districts need to prioritize there list of wants and needs before they spend money they don’t have building new pretty facilities. When they could use the money they don’t have to get new items for the classroom that the student would appreciate. The money they use, and yes it comes from bond money, they could use to pay for more important classroom needs. Many American teachers are

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