Why Is The Study Of Othello Still Relevant In The 21st Century?

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The Shakespearean tragedy, ‘Othello’, is appropriate for study in the 21st Century, because of the themes that are expressed through out it. The themes that are conveyed include revenge, jealously and appearance verses reality. All of these themes are considered to be universal, as they are all constants in human nature. Most, if not all humans will experience one or more of these themes in their lifetime. From these themes the responder can learn life lessons and also gain the ability to reflect back on their lives to view where they have experienced those themes.

A major theme of Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’ is revenge. Iago’s objective is to ruin Othello’s reputation for making Cassio a lieutenant in the Venetian army. Iago plans to “follow him to serve my turn upon him” (Act 1 Sc1 line 42). Iago believes that since he did not get the lieutenant position, that he will make the life of those who made the decision collapse. Ultimately through his actions, Iago brings forward his own downfall.

Revenge is a key theme in contemporary society. An example where revenge can be seen today, is during a person’s school career. People all over the world get bullied at least once in their lifetime. If the bullying evolves into a constant occurrence, the person that has been bullied might plot revenge on the people that have been bullying them. In countries where fire arms are legal, like the United States of America, there have been school shootings as a device of getting revenge, by people which have been bullied. The lesson that the theme of revenge in ‘Othello’ is to express that even though revenge may seem like a good idea at the start, but it will eventually lead to your end.

Another theme that is conveyed in ‘Othello’ is jealousy. Iago’s plan is make Othello believe that Cassio is sleeping with Desdemona, thus making him jealous. Once Iago tells Othello

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