Analysis Of The Unwanted: A Memoir Of Childhood

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To the School Board officers: The book “The Unwanted: A Memoir Of Childhood” by Kien Nguyen, tells stories of Kien’s real experience in the post-war Vietnam in 1975. The Northern Communist took over the Southern Capitalist where Kien and his family lived. After the Fall of Saigon, the Nguyen family had experienced in an inhumanity life because the Communist government had token everything away from the Nguyen family, and lots of violence had applied to them. For example sexual violence from relative, racism issue from society, and revenge. I think this book is not appropriate for 11th grade student because some high school 11th graders might be immature to interpret the meaning of the book, and they might get the wrong message in some ways. Some high school 11th grade…show more content…
In the book, Sexual violence applied to Kien by Lam, Khoun’s boyfriend. Lam wanted to revenge for Khoun took advantage on him. Before the civil war, the Nguyen family was lead by Khoun, she was the only income for the whole family, and Lam had no sanctity in the family. Kien had sex with community leader’s daughter Kim to revenge on the Communist for token everything from his family. And also, Khoun used sex to trade for Kien’s freedom because he had been caught from escaping, and revenged on Lam that he raped Kien. There are possibilities for some high school students to get the wrong message that having sex with some other people could be a way to revenge on those who had hurt them before. Revenge is an inappropriate action, and the way those characters in the book to revenge on other are inhumanity result of war. The reason for them to revenge through sex is because they have no option. Revenge is an issue, immature teens could been lead to use sex as weapon to revenge on those who they don’t like. Some high school students might infantile for getting the meaning of

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