Why Men Rape

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Why men rape women is a question that people throughout the world would like to know the answer to. According to psychologists, rape is caused by some psychological illness within the offender. Sociologists, however, believe that rapists are relatively normal people and do not have psychological problems. Sociologists view rape in a couple different ways. Some believe that rape is due to an expression of gender inequality while some sociologists believe that rape is attributed to permissiveness, sexually, within society. Psychologists and others within the field of psychology strongly believe that those who rape are either emotionally disturbed or have personality defects. They do not believe that rapists are 'insane', but believe that rapists have problems that impair them in relationships when under stress through sexual violence. Some other psychologists believe that rape is caused by a sexual addiction. The average psychologists will state that a rapist is a man who had childhood experiences that were relatively difficult to deal with and now they cannot relate to women in a successful manner which ultimately is a defect called sexual inadequacy. This theory however, only applies to very few cases of rape. According to some sociologists, it is sexual permissiveness that causes rape. In societies that are more sexually permissive, men take rejection from women personally which results in severe frustration which forces them to rape women. Other sociologists refer to the feminist theory of gender inequality when discussing rape. Feminists believe that men rape women as an expression of male dominance over women, which is a result of society's long time sexual inequality. Therefore rape is used to intimidate women and to keep them in their 'place'. There certainly is evidence of this theory. Throughout the world, it is clear that majority of recorded rapes involve

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