Critical Feminist Theory Vs Grauwiler And Mills

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August 7, 2011 JUS 110- Crime and Criminology Critical Feminist Theory VS Grauwiler and Mills A critical feminist views gender inequality as stemming from unequal power of men and women in a capitalist society, which leads to the exploitation of women by fathers and husbands. Under this system women are considered a commodity worth possessing like land or money. (Siegel 2010) In knowing this view we know that men feel that they have power over women since they are generally stronger they take advantage of this and try to control the women in their lives. Many times the control that they have over women is abusive. It is a known cultural difference that men usually dominate the world. There are many times when women are abused that they do not file charges against their assailants. Some of the governing assumptions that strengthen the mainstream explanation of the intimate abuse that many women face are as follows: First, men batter women because they are privileged, physically, financially, and socially; it is under the assumption in this belief that we need not understand the violence behind men’s violence beyond that point of the patriarchal explanation. Second, women stay in abusive relationships because of patriarchy. Third, the criminal justice system is sexist. Fourth, only extraordinary measures will counteract men’s patriarchal power and violence, women’s weakness, and the justice systems sexism. (Grauwiler and Mills 2004) In the article by Grauwiler and Mills they state that restorative justice can be used to help the battered women. The restorative justice practice in domestic violence cases can be based in a vivid set of principles and values that coincide with the feminist in serving the needs of these battered women through victim safety and choice, and through offender accountability along with system accountability. Through the restorative

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