Why Maya Civilization Collapsed

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Abstract What this paper is about is why the Mayan civilization collapsed, and the tow theories surrounding the reason of the collapse of the civilization. In this paper, it is discussed the two theories surrounding the reason of the collapse. The first theory is the non-ecological theory, which states that the reason the Mayan civilization collapsed was due to human causes. Human causes such as the Spanish and the peasant revolts. With the Spanish conquistadors, they came upon the Mayan civilization, thinking that they could take control over the civilization, and change the country’s system into the European system. Not only did they try and turn the Mayan civilization into Catholicism, they also tried to eliminate the whole entire population. The other side is the peasant revolt. The occur of the peasant revolt was due to the fact that the priests were mistreating the peasants, making them work 24 hours of the day, and not feed them. The second theory is the Ecological theory, which states that the Mayan civilization collapsed due to natural causes. Natural causes such as drought, climate change and environmental change. This is the total opposite of the non-ecological theory. This is the main theory that is supported by scientists with evidence. Scientists say that the climate change was the main reason the Mayan civilization collapsed. In this paper, it introduces the first two theories and it’s analyzed to see which one is more valid, and the last body paragraph answer’s the question of why the Mayan civilization collapsed. Word count`: 252 words  Why did the Mayan Civilization collapse? Introduction The Mayan Civilization is located in Mesoamerica. The Mayan Civilization was created in A.D. 250 and existed during the classic period, of A.D. 250 to 900 and still exists today. The Mayan was also known as the Classic Maya.” The Mayan area
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