Decline Of The Romanov Dynasty Essay

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There were many reasons that led to and eventually caused the decline and collapse of the Russian Romanov Dynasty. In my opinion, the biggest and most damaging event leading to the end of the Romanov Dynasty was the Russo-Japanese War. The Romanov Dynasty declined and fell during the reign of Nicholas II. Nicholas II was a weak and indecisive ruler who did not have experience ruling prior to coming into power for the Romanovs. The Russo-Japanese War began in 1904 and ended the following year in a devastating defeat for the Russians. This war, over warm water ports for Russia, was the first time a European nation lost to an Asian nation therefore becoming a major turning point in the rise of Japan as a global power. This war, which caused great opposition from the Russian…show more content…
This event led to labor unrest, peasant insurrections, student demonstrations, as well as army and navy mutinies. Although the shooting was not Nicholas II’s fault, he was given the nickname, “ The Bloody Murderer” and stated that he was not going to make any changes for the people. This was the last major event before the Revolution of 1905 officially broke out. New councils created by urban workers in order to better organize strikes were created called Soviets. During this time, Russian cities were dying because all the workers and peasants were focused on rebelling against the government and seizing the land of their landlords, instead of working in the factories and living the life of a peasant or urban worker. The Russian Revolution of 1905 only decreased the strength of the empire further but a positive outcome for the people of Russia was instituted. Sergei Witte suggested an elected legislative assembly and after the Revolution of 1905, The Duma, a parliamentary institution, was established. Although the Revolution was officially over, violence and tension continued,
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