Tsar Nicholas II: The Romanov Dynasty

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Modern History Essay “Tsar Nicholas II was the reason for the Romanov Dynasty downfall. Justify” The Romanov Dynasty controlled the Russian Empire one of the most powerful European states for over three centuries, however it did not come, as a surprise to the Russians when the Romanov dynasty finally collapsed in 1917. The downfall of the Dynasty was not caused by one factor but a combination of unfortunate circumstances, wrong decisions and an unsuitable leader Tsar Nicholas II. When Nicholas II became Tsar of Russia in 1894, he could not have guessed the fate that was awaiting him in 1918. Nicholas II was involved in many factors that contributed to the dramatic and bloody fall of the Romanovs such as: the Russian and Japan war,…show more content…
By the winter of 1904 the working class in Russia were dissatisfied to the point that numerous strikes were arranged in St. Petersburg. On January 22, 1905 thousands of workers, many facing long hours, poor wages, and inadequate housing came together for a peaceful march to the Winter palace in St. Petersburg where Nicholas II lived. Protestors came carrying religious icons and pictures of the royal family as they were forbidden to bring weapons. Participants brought with them a petition to present the tsar in hope to receive his help. Thousands of soldiers awaited the crowd having been informed incorrectly that the protestors where there to harm the tsar and destroy the palace. The soldiers fired into the mob, killing and wounding hundreds. The unprovoked massacre, called Bloody Sunday, became the catalyst for further strikes and uprisings against the government, called the 1905 Russian Revolution. Although the Tsar was not in the country at the time and had no part in giving orders for the troops to fire, he still received the blame for the deaths resulting in the Russian people losing faith in Nicholas II and a surge of bitterness towards himself and his autocratic rule. In response to this event and to gain back the trust of his people the tsar was forced to grant a constitution and establish a parliament, the
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