Comparison Essay: The Leanage Of Sin And Death

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The Leanage of sin and death The leanage of sin and death Shinikki Simmons Grand Canyon University BIB 101 September 8, 2009 The leanage of sin and death The nature of sin and how it spread into the world started off with Adam and eve and went on to become even deeper in the earliest era of mankind history. Sin first came along when Adam and eve went to bit the fruit off the tree. Satan had convinced eve that the only reason god had prohibited the eating of the tree of knowledge was that god was jealous for his own sovereignty and that his sovereignty would be jeopardized by man acquisition of knowledge. There after eve shared the fruit with Adam. If temptation would have been prevented man would have gained knowledge, with out experiencing evil. (Genesis 1)…show more content…
Then god proceeded to speak curses to Satan, woman and man. Woman would experience pain in child birth in reminding her in her part of tempting her husband. Then the man was told that the ground would be cursed. He expended his energy and life in an effort to produce from it the food of life. He would weary himself with agonizing foil even to the point of death. Returning as dust to the soil. Men were barred from the tree of life. (Genesis 1-2) Adam and eve had two sons named Cain and Abel. Cain was the oldest. They both appeared before god bearing their offerings. Abel offering was accepted while Cain offering was rejected by god. Cain Killed Abel, bearing his blood. Because of Cain improper attitude, and lack of true faith God sentenced Cain to life of a vagabond. He graciously shielded him with divine protection letting any human being kill him in revenge. Genesis

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