Last Chance Essay

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Last Chance In Leonardo DiCaprio’s 2007 documentary, The 11th Hour, we see that our blue planet is dangerously ill, and we don’t have much time to heal it. Human society has had a serious problem with nature since the industrial revolution. DiCaprio shows us that we are over using natural resources and emitting a lot of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere. Our next generations will not survive if we keep doing what we are doing now in the future. In environmentalist Bill McKibben’s 2008 article, “Civilization Last Chance,” we are warned that we are in a state of emergency time we have little to save our environment from the danger. The current status of our earth is in danger, and people don’t seem to realize the serious consequence for the future. Robert W. Christopherson’s textbook, Geosystems, is an introduction to physical geography with scientific evidence. The current edition of Geosystems introduces the consensus science regarding human-created climate change. The high content of carbon causes global warming and global warming causes climate change. These changes are destroying our blue planet and making the ecosystem become sicker. Unfortunately, all the high content of carbon was released by human activities. We must reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions in the next two to three years, or we will lose our natural environment that we depend upon for survival. The 11th Hour shows us the consequences of irreversible global warming that have already begun to affect our life and environment. The film cites many recent climate change and natural disasters. Throughout the facts, we see that human life must depend on the natural environment. According to Thom Hartmann, “We are a part of nature. We can’t separate from nature.” As DiCaprio tells us we cannot survive without nature. Global warming has a strong impact on climate. Climate change will also affect
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