Why Is Physician Assisted Suicide Morally Wrong

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The debate is going to be whether it is ethical for doctors to help in the situation of a suicide. It will determine how the patient feels when he or she finds out news that they only have a short time to live, Physicians are opposed to doing this they feel that it is unconstitutional and unethical and morally wrong. The debate will discuss how the family, religious believes, and doctors feel about the subject. Assisted suicide has always been a controversial subject yet it has been around for centuries. The debates that are going on today, people still feel that this type of act is morally wrong. The reason people believe that this is morally wrong is because they feel that the ones who are involved and are helping are cheating death that they are not leaving it in God’s hands. Assisted…show more content…
He is now blind and slowly deteriorating before his families’ eyes, clenching his teeth in agony because the pain is unbearable, he wanted to die now, and his pleas were unanswered. One day his brother Harold went home and got his .30 Caliber pistol from his top dresser drawer went back to the hospital, shot his brother and killed him. Harold is being tried for murder. This is a brother, that felt like he had to do something because; he could not stand the sight of his brother suffering anymore so he put his brother Mathew out of misery. I can see two sides to this, one his brother felt he was helping but because of the law and if you shoot someone it is murder regardless of how good you felt your intentions were the police and judges and jury will still believe it is murder. Mathew was not getting any help from the doctors so we do not know if he pleads to his brother to end his life or not we still do not know that all we know is that Mathew was suffering in a hospital bed in excruciating
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