How Did Guy Montag's Mental Change In Fahrenheit 451

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Final Essay for “Fahrenheit 451” Have you ever lost someone so daring to you that it made you go insane, and someone had to help you pull through the situation? Well in the novel “Fahrenheit 451” written by Ray Bradbury and the movie “Minority Report” directed by Steven Spielberg the main characters , Guy Montag and John Anderton , has experienced mental changes, and due to this mental change they went through a lot of obstacles. Throughout the book and movie Guy Montag and John Anderton lost someone daring. Being that they reacted fast and went insane they both did things that they didn’t purposely mean to do. Lastly there were strict rules, and they both broke the law. They both lost someone daring to them. Guy Montag lost his…show more content…
In the novel, Montag made Mildred friends cry. After he made her friends cry from telling them the truth they all left hurt. However, in the movie John almost killed a man because he thought the man killed his son. John felt bad at the end, because he was not looking at his son’s killer. Even though, he didn’t kill the man, he still hurt him physically and emotionally. Montag and John both had someone who helped them solve something. In the novel, Faber helped Montag with reading books. Faber and Montag conducted a risky scheme to overthrow the status quo. However, the precog helped John uncover his mystery. The detectives believed that John was the future killer of a man he never met. He kidnapped the precog, and she directed him to the man who he was supposed to kill. In conclusion, these similarities were very alike. They had slight differences, but overall they were close to having the exact same scene. I enjoyed reading the novel and watching the movie. The causes of the behavior were a little unacceptable. The way that the movie was filmed, and the novel was written they way of life were similar to the way we are living now. The technology they used, and the way things were in order of sequence was like the society we are surrounded by in the year 2012 and the years to

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