Hunters In The Snow Analysis

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Justin Hagy Eng 101 “Retro 11 "Snake" - Black Hunters in the Snow” Bullying leads to consequences in this scenario. Tub shooting Kenny was an effect of Kenny’s constant nagging and practical jokes. Bullying being the main cause for the shooting and outburst, clearly tub shot Kenny under the wrong impression. But it was Kenny’s constant smart remarks that pushed Tub to pull the trigger. At the beginning of the story Kenny’s first blow at Tub was about his weight, saying “you ought to see yourself.” The driver said. “He looks just like a beach ball with a hat on, doesn’t he? Doesn’t he Frank?”(173). Kenny unaware of how bad his words hurt his friends, keep up this “bully mentality”…show more content…
Even when they were on the hunting trip Kenny and Frank brought pizza, a couple candy bars, sandwiches and some more chocolate. While Tub ate a hardboiled egg and some celery. That Tub is cheating on his diet and Kenny is just a reminder of his own wrong doings. Tub shooting Kenny also brought Tub and Frank closer. They confided in one another after the shooting, about the things Kenny was joking about. Throughout the story Kenny is randomly releasing fire on things he ‘doesn’t like’. First the sign, then the barn, then the old man’s dog. At that point Tub was so irritated by his constant shots and the mouth and shot of the gun that he decided he had no choice but to shoot him. To show him he can’t keep being a bully. When Frank finds out that Kenny shooting that dog was only taking orders, he let Tub know that he basically shot his own friend for no reason. So the consequence of Kenny’s bullying? Tub shoots him in his stomach. Due to their where bout’s it takes them on a long road trip to find a hospital because they couldn’t get an ambulance out that far in the country and all was occupied. Over time Kenny ends up dying, due to freezing weather and his own gun shot
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