The Stranger Beside Me: Theodore Robert Bundy

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Carmen November.1.2010 Book Report The Stranger Beside Me This book is a true story; about a writer named Ann Rule and her respectable friend Theodore Robert Bundy. Ann is a hard working 40 year old woman; she has two girls and is in the middle of a divorce. She works as a writer for a Police Department. Ted is a young man, in his late twenties. Ted had an incredible personality, it was hard not to like him, and he was also attractive. He is a law student at Seattle University of Washington and works part time as a grocery bagger. They met at a suicide crisis clinic, they listened to people’s problems and helped the overcome their stress or any difficulties. Ted and Ann became very good friends, he wasn’t interested in her sexually, neither was she, and therefore their relationship was more like siblings. They went to dinners, parties, and reunions together. They listened to each other. Ted was an American serial killer. After more than a decade of denials, he eventually confessed to over 30 murders, although the actual total of victims remains unknown.…show more content…
I constantly turn around to check who is walking behind me. If I perceive someone suspicious or unfamiliar I do a brief feature examination. I am always alert anyways, as I had mentioned before I was sexually assaulted when I was fifteen years old. Fortunately nothing happened, but the memories still hunt me. This book encourages me even more to pursue my dream of becoming a Police Officer. This tragedy also made clear that we shouldn’t trust anyone, because even the most inoffensive individual could be a psychopath. However, I consider that the family went through a great deal of pain. I can’t visualize my brother, any relative or even people close to me of being a murderer. I can’t imagine the pain Ted’s mother experienced, knowing that his model son was sentenced to death after being convicted of

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