Why Is Hitler Responsible For The Holocaust

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Name: Jing Cheng Class: S3 Ivory Date: 2011.3.16 The ruthless holocaust happened in the developed Germany After First World War, because of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis started controlling the Germany; “between 1933 and 1936, employment in construction raised from only 666,000 to over 2,000,000,”( Wikipedia. 2012) Germany became to an economically developed country. Because of Hitler asked his people to learn everything, such as Art, PE and any subjects that could make them stronger and developed, Germany had well educated population, because Hitler said “no boy or girl should leave school without complete knowledge of the necessity and meaning of blood purity”, (Historylearningsite. 2012). So every German people stayed very hard at school, because they had to follow what Hitler said. But in those years, there was a gloomy event happening in Germany, the Holocaust. The Nazis killed millions of Jews, and evicted them out of the Germany. It was unbelievable that the gloomy Holocaust was happening in the developed Germany. But I think there was some reasons…show more content…
Although Germany was an educated and economically developed country, their leader---Hitler hated Jews a lot. Hitler tried many ways to make Jews look bad and then he could have abundant excuses to kill them. He was a good leader, he leaded the Germany become strong again, but he was also breaking out a gloomy Holocaust in Germany. The Holocaust was the shame of the Germany; the Nazis killed millions of harmless Jews. Just because Jews are richer and smarter than Germans, Hitler was jealous; just because Hitler wanted a higher race in Germany; just because they lost the World War I, they didn’t want to admit their losing. They killed millions of harmless people, that Holocaust was bloody, gloomy and ruthless. It will always be in the German history, no matter how strong they will be in the

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