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Oskar Schindler Terri Zapper Argosy University Abstract During the Second World War when the Nazi Army was in control of Germany, there was one man who started out with the agenda to make it rich by profiting off the war only to have a transformation of heart. Oskar Schindler was a German Industrialist, German spy and a member of the Nazi party. He was cynical, greedy and an exploiter of slave workers. He took advantage of everyone and every situation only to profit himself. Then he met a Jewish accountant by the name of Itzhak Stern. Schindler through his relationship with the accountant had begun to see the Jewish people with different eyes. He had realized that the torturing and killing of the Jewish people was not only senseless but also morally wrong. All of it had come to horrify him and he no longer wanted any part of it. Oskar Schindler had a change of heart. He had made the conscientious decision that he must to try to save as many lives of the Jewish people as he could no matter what or how much it cost him. Today Oskar Schindler is accredited for saving over 1200 Jews and has been declared “Righteous” in the eyes of the Jewish people.…show more content…
He was going to take advantage of the German occupation program to “Aryanize” and “Germanize” many of the Jewish and Polish owned businesses. He employed Jewish workers as he knew that their labor would be cheaper than the Polish. He manipulated his way in with some of the higher ranking SS officers and solidified his position making sure he was protected. His only concern was to make it rich. But something unexpected happened to him during this time. Oskar Schindler started to have a change of heart towards the Jews after seeing all the senseless torture and killing that the Germans were doing to these people in the labor camp. In the end he helped save more than 1100 Jewish

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