How Did Hitler Control Germany

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How did hitler control germany ? It cannot be doubted that Nazi Germany was the most destructive political regime of the 20th century, not only because it unleashed World War II or instigated the holocaust but because of its impact on German society. In fact, Hitler’s control of German population depended on many factors : * One party state * The Hitler youth * Fear * Propaganda * The Gestapo The enabling act (23 March 1933) made Hitler the all-powerful “Fuhrer” of Germany. The law against the formation of parties (14 July 1933) declared the Nazis party in Germany. It became an offence to belong to another Party than the Nazis party. ALL other parties were banned, and their leaders were put in prison. Therefore, from the very beginning of Hitler’s rise to power, he was able to control what people thought. ONLY the Nazis ideology was the right one to get Germany back on its feet, and if only you were German and publicly showed your opposition, you were seen as a factor that would retain German industrial growth. We can see through this how Hitler, from the very beginning of his arrival to power, managed to put his hand over the people’s minds. Little by little, his influence on every citizen’s life will enhance. Hitler had his image of the “perfect” population. On April 1933, after the law, he set up the gestapo, a secret police unit, and the SS, which were expected to eradicate any human on German land that wasn’t conform to the “perfect German”, in other words the Aryan race. Tens of thousands of Jews, communists, gypsies, homosexuals, alcoholics, and prostitutes were arrested and sent to concentration camps for ‘crimes’ as small as writing anti-Nazis graffiti, possessing a banned book, or saying that German business was bad. If we think about all what leads a man to creating own opinion, we would end up listing: what he saw, read,
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