Why Is Crime Scene Recognition So Important In Criminal Investigation

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Nothing matters but the facts. Without them, the science of criminal investigation is nothing more than a guessing game. Actions undertaken during crime scene investigation play a significant role in ensuring the resolution of a criminal case. A careful and a thorough investigation process are imperative in ensuring that there is no manipulation of the available evidence (Crawford, 1999). Crime scene investigators and other law enforcement agencies such as the police therefore have a chief responsibility of ensuring protection of the crime scene and the preservation of first hand evidence. In addition, the law enforcement agencies involved in the investigation process have the responsibility of submitting the gathered evidence for scientific…show more content…
One of the responsibilities of a first responding officer is crime scene recognition. The main objective behind crime recognition is to acquire an in depth understanding of the elements that the investigation will involve. Crime scene recognition plays a significant role in determining evidence collection methods. It entails having an insight of the scene using eyes, smell and sound and recording of any relevant material. Defining the degree of the crime scene is one of the most critical steps in recognition of the crime scene (Holden, 2006). This typically involves identifying the locale, which the crime might have taken place and any other items used by the perpetrators such as…show more content…
Crime scene investigation is a dynamic and the nature of crime and the crime scene significantly determine the plan of approach. Crime scene processing is diverse in nature. It typically entails the procedures below. The first phase of crime scene processing is scene documentation. The main objective behind the documentation of a crime scene is to have a visual representation of the crime scene. This is significant in allowing the forensics experts and the attorney in charge of prosecution to reconstruct the crime scene accurately. Scene documentation typically entails the use of video, audio and still photos to have a visual representation of the crime. One of the basic steps in documentation of the scene is a second walk through, keeping in mind to follow the same trail of the first walk through. An investigator is also required to take notes during this phase; note taking requires scientific observation of the crime scene (Flaherty & Corinn,

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