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Future of Policing CJS/210 Samantha Holladay 11/25/2012 Kimberly Gonzales The advancement in technology is one of the major contributors in the future of policing. Our police force has came along way with the advancements of the computer, cell phones, internet and even the television. There are also new areas of policing that aid in helping the police force serve and protect the citizens more efficiently such as database and information technology, computer-aided dispatch and mobile computing. The use of database and information technology is being used today in order to help police officers retrieve and store amounts of information more quickly. (Grant and Terry, pp.501, 2008)…show more content…
These individuals will allow different police organizations to make decisions that are more organized and decisions based on evidence rather than the normal guesswork. (Grant and Terry, pp. 508, 2008) Crime analysis will also help in deciding future criminal activity, the supporting of the officers who are on patrol, and investigators upon making decisions. (Grant and Terry, pp. 508, 2008) There are three areas in crime analysis that will help our police force in the future. Tactical crime analysis is one in which involves the ability to be able to identify specific areas that are to be crime problem areas. (Grant and Terry, pp. 509, 2008) The main goal of a tactical analysis is to be able to provide the police officers with information in a more timely manner that will also allow them to respond to crimes that are taking place in the present. (Grant and Terry, pp. 509, 2008) Next is a strategic crime analysis, the use of this analysis is to be able to focus on the goals of long-term crime trends of a community. (Grant and Terry, pp. 509, 2008) By using this method of analysis it helps officers to be able to come up with a plan of action to address the problems that they have been facing. (Grant and Terry. pp. 509, 2008) Lastly, the administrative crime analysis will focus on the providing data and specific statistics to help police managers.…show more content…
Since the 9/11 terrorist attack there has been much more need for security in places we have never imagined. There are crimes being committed even in our local movie theaters. The question is how far will the citizens of the United States be willing to go to ensure that they are safe? Cameras in local fast food places, a metal detector in places which you like to enjoy going with your family? The future of policing will be changing over the next ten years to ensure that they are doing their job. Their job is to serve and protect the citizens of the community and since an officer can not currently predict who and where a criminal may strike it may be a question of the technology advancements you may be seeing in places you never

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