Criminal Court System: Prosecution Vs. Defense

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Prosecution versus Defense Sherri Porter Introduction to Criminal Court System December 4, 2011 Stephen Slaughter Axia College of University of Phoenix Prosecution versus Defense Two very important roles in the criminal justice system are the defense and the prosecution. Holding the criminals accountable for their actions, and proving they were the ones who did it are the prosecutions responsibility. The defense is in charge of making sure the person accused of the criminal offense is proven innocent of the criminal act they are being charged for. The defense also makes sure the accused gets a speedy trial. The prosecution’s job starts the minute they are informed about the criminal act the person is being accused of. They must investigate the violations and work with the law enforcement agencies during the investigation. When they finish the investigation they will then determine…show more content…
They will discuss the matter of the case with the prosecution. They will be trying to find some kind of fault with the prosecution and everything in the case. They will represent the defendant at all the pretrial procedures such as, the arrest, interview, lineup, and arraignment. They also can enter into negotiations with the prosecution. They will defend the client in court and any where else they may need to go. They would develop strategies and tactics. They would represent the defendant at all trial and pretrial motions. They would keep the client’s confidentiality and even defend the person in appeals court. Basically the prosecution and defense are like two boxers in a ring putting on the show. They are each trying to win the approval and votes of the jury or judge hearing the case. They each are trying to convince the judge or jury that their side of the story is the truth and the other one is the

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