Why Immigrants Should Report Maltreatment to the Authorities

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Why immigrants should report maltreatment to the authorities Maltreatment against immigrants is an act that the authorities and the law should pay more attention to. Immigrants are human beings as well as United States citizens and have families which they support, so they must report maltreatment. The purpose of this paper is to persuade immigrants to report maltreatment from authorities. Consequently, I will explain three reasons why immigrants should report maltreatment such as abuse or beating from an immigrant officer. Abuse can cause physical and internal problems; which can lead a person to have long lasting effects even into adulthood. The first reason why immigrants should report or advice other people about this act is about the internal and physical problems that the practice of that act could cause. Many times, immigrant officers beat or abuse an immigrant for non logical reasons, and none of those reasons are acceptable. We are all humans. Even though the consequences of their maltreatment may not be serious, immigrants should always report this act which sometimes can cost them their lives. Otherwise, the abuse of many other immigrants will still go on. And if you are in need of any medical treatment at that time that you report the accident to the authorities, they will off course have your back and give it to you. The second reason why immigrants should report maltreatment from any authority officer is that if they don’t the abuse will likely continue and many of innocent people could lose their lives. Meanwhile, if by any chance immigrants report this act more often and recognize the officer who maltreated them at that moment, many officers will think twice before committing such a crime. Immigrants should be sure of their rights, and use them when

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