Shame In Nathaniel Hawthorne's 'The Scarlet Letter'

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English Essay The Scarlet Letter Shame varies from person to person, depending on how things affect you shame may make you feel like a terrible person. But if you’re somebody who doesn’t worry, or care about what people think of you then shame is going to have little to no affect. That’s what can be tricky about shame, on one hand you have an extremely powerful tool for punishment and on the other all you have are thoughts and opinions that could mean nothing to someone. Shame is still around in today’s world and will continue to affect people in different ways. For modern-day criminals the same rules still apply when dealing with shame. One main difference is if your feelings get hurt easily and you care about what people say than…show more content…
If you commit a terrible crime such as being a sexual predator/child molester or something of that nature the shame will be with you the rest of your life and it’s going to be hard overlooking it because of the laws we have placed. In jail the inmates will even look down on you and treat you like scum they will even threaten your life. The shame for somebody doesn’t stop after the crime has been forgotten about or once they are out of jail. They have to register themselves as a sexual offender you can’t just move and try to leave it behind you. With the internet we have websites that allow us to see if sex offenders live near us it will give you there exact address. Even if you don’t care about what people think of you I’m sure nobody would like this. So in this case they will be shamed for the rest of their lives because of the laws we have set-up. In today’s world shame is basically just an extra when dealing with legal cases. You’re not going to only have to deal with shame if you commit a crime because it doesn’t work like that anymore. There are going to be fines, restrictions, and jail time depending on the severity of the crime. There is another way in which shame can be a great thing and that is from preventing crimes. If you’re somebody who cares about their reputation and how they are looked at then you might think twice before committing a crime because you know that you’ll
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