Vengeance Vs Reform Essay

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Jose Arana Mr. Guthrie 12/11/2013 Intro- AJ 111 1. Over the years, the criminal sentence has served a number of different purposes, including retribution, deterrence, rehabilitation, and incapacitation and are made for people to pay the crime they’ve committed and learn from it so that they wouldn’t do it again and for other to see that there are consequences for those who choose to not follow the laws 2. The six different types of punishment within the criminal justice system are capital punishment which is the actual process of executing someone. The second one is incarceration which is the most common punishment putting people away behind bars for a good time. House arrest is the third one which is almost the same thing as incarceration of prison difference is that your under incarceration in your own house and have different rules you need to follow and if you disobey them, then prison will be the second option, fourth option is probation this means that in some how you are free, but you still need to follow several rules by your “probation officers” depending if it’s an adult or juvenile order. The fifth one is restitution and it can be anywhere from paying fines of whatever damages you’ve caused or making community service such as cleaning or helping the community. Last but not least are fines and is money…show more content…
I think that ‘vengeance vs. reform’ is such an important topic where it can affect the family of the victim and the criminal could have different opinions towards the type of punishment the judge will choose to apply in the case. Victim side will most likely want lots of vengeance or no mercy on the criminal while the criminals side will always think that the punishment they received was too much or that it was unfair. I think that is fundamental for the court and the judge to think for a perfect punishment that will be the most equal and fair for both the victim and the criminal , but not forgetting the type of crime that was

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