Differences with Juvenile and Adult Punishment Within the Criminal Justice System

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Differences with juvenile and adult punishment within the criminal justice system When concerning the differences between juvenile and adult punishments looking at the age of the offender is an important issue to look at. The adult offender is aged 18 or older, while the juvenile is under the age of 18. This is where the similarities end and the differences begin. When an adult is sentenced for a crime he or she could serve the sentence in either a country jail, or a state or federal prison. An adults sentence is to punish the offender for the crime he or committed. Once a juvenile enters the correctional system he or she could serve time in juvenile hall or boot camps. The juvenile system believes that with the right kind of help and guidance the juvenile can be rehabilitated, this why the juvenile system focuses on rehabilitation. The adults that are put into confinement are not often rehabilitated, because that is not what the adult system is about, it is about punishment for the crime that he or she has made on society. The juvenile system is more lenient than the adult system also. The juvenile system has a set schedule like the adult jails or prison do with some exceptions. Juveniles are able to continue to go to school and are no housed with a large amount of other juveniles in one area at a time. Another reason why the juvenile system is more lenient is because the system wants to make sure that it does not interrupt the individual’s life as much as possible. In Minnesota, Kentucky, and Connecticut for example started a different type of sentencing in the 1990s. This type of sentencing allows juvenile to receive both a dispositional order and an adult sentence at the same time. In this type of punishment it allows the juvenile to do part of the time he or she needed to do with a probation period for him or her usually until the age of 21. If the juvenile

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