Personal Crime Theory

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Personal Criminological Theory Crime has been and is a huge problem in the United States of America. Crime is believed to an indication of social problems within the United States. It can be said that criminals commit crimes for many different reasons. Take for example people choose to commit crime as a result of peer pressure, jealousy, money, love, and economical reasons. I have concluded that substance abuse is a huge contributor to crimes being committed. The lack or decrease in moral intuition and character can cause a person to make bad decisions. This would cause people not to understand the benefits of to abiding to common social values. A person demographics can also play a role in determining whether or not an individual will turn to a life of crime. Government officials, politicians, and courts employees have concluded that individuals commit crimes for private alternatives and they should be punished and held responsible for their actions and conduct. Criminals also have the concept that they will never be caught thus they will continue commit crimes until proven otherwise. Large amounts of criminal who have committed offenses do not think about the consequences of their action (Brown, 2007). Today’s society has determined that the root of why an individual would choose to commit crimes is steam from the lack of education and impoverished backgrounds (Brown, 2007). To do wrong and commit crime is a choice of the criminal. Criminals have derived of an enormous list of excuses explaining why they commit crimes. The classical direction to crime discipline policies deals with direct interference techniques. Police force within this course; choose a more hostile approach to toward criminal offenses (Gonzalez, 2007). Nonetheless, without considering the penalties of their actions criminals keep on commit crimes at an alarming rate. Deviant
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