The Criminal Control Model

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Sammy Faraj Essay: 1 Professor: S. Franschman I believe the criminal justice system should follow the Criminal Control Model. Without this law we have in place right now the world would have fallen on its face drastically. The Criminal Control Model basically puts it in a way where if you are arrested you are basically innocent until proven guilty. It follows the rule in which other laws do not, such as the due process. The Due Process is mainly focused on the offender’s rights. If our government had to keep using the Due Process that means it would make the case much longer, as well as much more complicated to find the truth. The Crime Control Model makes cases easier by just saying, “He or she is innocent of the crime until proven guilty.” If you take a minute to think about how our government is doing its job, you will soon realize that the more crimes committed using the Due Process would take ages to solve. On the other hand The Crime Control Model takes the matters into their own hands and puts a pause on each crime by needing more information to prove that our offender in innocent but for now they are guilty. This is also known as the assembly line. Any criminal on the line is guilty so keep it moving.…show more content…
This right here says it all. The government is trying to hide the rights of the offenders just so they can back up the information. The government wants to have swift punishment on the offender. I agree 100% with the Criminal Control Model because like I stated before, the government would waste their time and money just to look up everyone’s case and prove them not guilty. With The Crime Control Model It allows the government room to breathe but also allows them to do searches and studies to make find out if the offender is really innocent or in guilty of the
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