Victims Right's Vengeance: Ethics In Criminal Justice

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Victims’ Right’s Vengeance Derrick White University of Phoenix CJA/324: Ethics in Criminal Justice Instructor: Amy Gordon 9/23/12 When reviewing the information about the victims’ rights in America, I personally stand with it. Although a person is convicted or suspected of committing a crime they also still have rights. Some individuals fail to use them properly, because they figure since they are guilty of a crime there’s nothing they can do, which is not true. Government cannot deprive victims of their rights. These systems are made to view things from every angle possible and notice that the individual made good faith efforts to follow the law, who knows what will happen. A lot of victims have been thrown under the bus due to not using their rights of Crime victims. Judges will care less to hear a plea, which states that a victim has a right to be heard. I personally think that no matter how late the victim trail start after time it was schedule to start they should be heard. The court system will overlook these things if you do not know your rights as a victim. Like I…show more content…
Vengeance should be brought into play when he or she doesn’t register as a sex offender in the neighborhood, which they stay in. this have me very angry and full of vengeance by exposing the individuals of his wrongdoing and not letting people know of his whereabouts. This would make me feel as though the individual may try to sexually assault other children in the community. The vengeance I would use is letting everyone in the neighborhood know that the individual is a registered sex offender, which mandates that whoever is convicted of sexual acts with an underage person should always register as a sex offender where ever they are. This would have the neighborhood aware who’s staying next door and to keep a close eye on certain
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