Wrongful Conviction Essay

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After reading the report, I chose Glen Woodall. I found this case to be very interesting, as situations like this happen all the time. Wrongful convictions,not only hurt the one that's being accused, but it hurts the person's family as well. In the eye of the public, if your arrested for a crime, then your an outsider, no matter how you may have contributed to your community. But a lot of people remain steadfast in their innocence. The problem comes in when there are law enforcement just looking for someone to blame, so they can close the case and move on to the next one. Planting evidence, not looking at all of the facts and quick to arrest anybody that already has a record. Sometimes that's not the case. The person that's least likely to commit the crime is sometimes the one that did. Glen Woodall was convicted of crimes related to two victims, who were abducted in two separate incidents. The perpetrator repeatedly raped both victims and robbed them. Both victims caught glimpses of their attacker, who wore a ski mask and forced them to close their eyes. The evidence was clear that Woodall was the perpetrator. But there were others who surprisingly weren't charged. The case went to trial and Fred Zain was the chemist who in performed the lab tests on the clothing. Glen Woodall was convicted, but he did appeal over and over again. Finally, he got his the appeal awarded to him and was later released. Someone didn't do their job correctly. He was also awarded $1 million dollars in his wrongful conviction. I really found this case to be exciting, yet a disgrace to the justice system. You send someone to jail or prison just to get paid and for a conviction. It's sad but true. In this day and age a lot of things seem to go wrong when convicting a suspect. You must always look at everyone. Whomever is around the victim or shares a common aspect. There is nothing more

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