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Brittani Ambrose July 12, 2012 Research Paper Intro. To Administration of Justice Murderers, rapists, thieves, abusers; these are among the many types of people who are incarcerated every day. What many of us tend to forget is that these individuals are in fact, people. These people have just made poor decisions along the way, and are serving their sentences for their actions. Many believe that criminals should be treated cruel, but are they not being punished enough by being in prison? They no longer get to have privacy, their families, or careers and education. How far do you go before you feel that it is unacceptable? Should the prisoners not be treated as human beings? According to the eighth amendment they should. Throughout history…show more content…
The government is legally required to provide the same medical care for prisoners as other members of society. Penitentiary legal system does recognize that prisoners should not lose all their human rights just because of incarceration. The cost it has on the society, and the ramifications of the prisoners going untreated. States are court ordered to provide reasonable levels of health care to prisoners. Not only are health risks needed to be taken into account, but also mental drug and psychological issues need attention during…show more content…
If we just treat them as we all should health wise then the risks of them not fully recovering from their disorders then they are less likely to have to return to prison. Improving correctional policies for addiction treatment could dramatically improve prisoner and community health as well as reduce both taxpayer burden and reincarceration rates. The United States has the world's highest incarceration rate, with around approximately ten million individuals incarcerated each year. Imagine if half of them serve their time and then have to return because they are neglected during their incarceration. Every individual has their own impression and ideas as to how a law breaking individual should be treated in prison and after being released from prison. Many believe that there should be a permanent stigma and others believe that they should simply serve their time in prison. I believe that when the time is served that the individual has done their part. However, if the individual has done a sexually inappropriate crime I do believe that they should be permanently l labeled for societies

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