Immigration Reform Essay

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Immigrant Reform For all of those who call the United States home, you are currently immigrants, or born of immigrants. America will always be a nation of immigrants. This leads to a growing concern about the 11 to 12 million unauthorized immigrants that are migrating over our borders. These illegal aliens as some like to call them, come to the United States seeking freedom, justice, and the pursuit of happiness, just as our forefathers did. Our nation has two positions on what to do with these people, some have crossed U.S. borders illegally to enter, others who overstayed visas. In any case, they have made their America home. These undocumented aliens have assimilated to the American way of life the best they can. Most hold down…show more content…
Then we can check the persons’ documents to make sure their legally here. We need to come up with a fool proof system of making sure immigrants with the American dream can stay. They should not be deported, but instead they should be made to go through the process of legal entry into the United States. All of us who live in America have adopted this great country. Illegal immigration takes place over the world; the main reason is because people want to have a better life, hell, even a chance at life itself. Granted, some legally because of extenuating circumstances. Who are we to take away their dream? If they’re willing to go through the steps to become lawful residents, then by all means, let them have a chance. We must take into account the reason why they take this major journey and what they sacrifice. They are leaving countries with no jobs to support themselves, war torn societies, and oppression. Before they begin their journey to the United States money must be saved to pay the human smugglers and then have enough courage to go overcome the fear of death and being caught on the way. Also realizing they may never see the family they leave behind again. Upon arriving in the United States they must find work, housing, and learn how to avoid being apprehended by U.S. immigration and deported without knowing a single person when arriving. They end up in low
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